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It’s been a long time friends and I have been very busy. The last time I made a post I spoke of a game called Synaps. Well now it is Iron Synapse and it is complete and ready to play. Yay!

I should probably go back a bit in time though since I have not mentioned the company that I started with friends called Uncharted Interactive. If you want to jump to playing the games and reading our about page then go here.

Well anyway this whole thing started with a game called Kernips. Back in Jan. 2010(that was a long time ago!) a few of my friends decided to make a flash game just to see if we could develop a game of our own. So we gathered some artists,a programmer and a designer and started out making this game. After we finished the game we thought we should do another and develop a website. But what would we call ourselves….hmmm….how about Uncharted Interactive. Sounds good, not to be confused with the Uncharted game( we have no association with them, sorry). So we gathered more artists,a web designer/developer, an investor(me) and started working on another game and a website where people could go to play our games, discuss things in the forums and get general news about the going ons of Uncharted Interactive. Anyway, long story short we finished our second title, Iron Synapse. So go play it.

You probably wonder where I came in all this besides being an investor and a founder. I wear many hats. I am doing marketing and community, I created the game tutorials , I tested the games and I was a voice of one of the characters from Iron Synapse(Daiyu).

Here are the tutorials for the games

Kernips Tutorial

Iron Synapse Tutorial

We are on most of the major social networks. Facebook,G+,Twitter,Tumblr and Sound Cloud. I maintain all those accounts as well. I even started a  Live G+ Hangout called GameOut. Check out the videos below to see exactly what GameOut is. Take it a step further and join us on the last Sunday of every month when we have a new GameOut.

Gamout: Minecraft Discussion

Gameout: Closure Discussion

Gameout: Alien Frontiers:Factions Discussion Part 1

GameOut: Alien Frontiers:Factions Part 2

So this is just a fraction of what I have been doing and I will continue to do more for Uncharted Interactive. I will keep on posting on this because it is so much fun.



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Getting you up to speed on my work

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So I have not created a post in a while because I have been busy doing marketing for a game I have been working on with my boyfriend. The game is called Synaps.  That is the title we are going with at the moment but we will probably change it to Iron Synapse soon. That work is to be discussed in a whole other post in the future.  But if you are curious just follow the link.

Anyway, so I concluded my work with PopStopTV and moved on to new projects.  My last bit of editing work was for Sheldon’s Art Academy.  I edited the 5 part instructional series called Trees and Composition. I cannot feature the videos here because they are for sale. If you are interested in art and would like to learn different techniques from a very skilled and talented artist you can purchase them here.  Otherwise check out the trailer that I edited that gives a little sneak peek of what you can expect from the lessons in the series here.

I really enjoyed working on these videos and I hope to continue to work on more since they are really great tools for artists. I am not an artist of the drawing/painting variety but I can appreciate good lessons from a skilled professional.  There are many more videos that were not edited by me but are still really great tools for artists who are looking for lessons in technique and fundamentals. So check those out and I hope to edit more in the future.

I will be posting more about my work with Uncharted Interactive and the games we are developing.  We should have our official website up in the new year and I will have it featured in a future post.

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More PopStop Videos

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Here are a few more videos that I had done for POPSTOPTV.  These are not in any particular order I just wanted to put them up so you can see more of my work.  There are a few older ones in the mix that I had not put up yet. The most current videos that I worked on are the Energy Muse videos.  I hope to have some more to show you soon, other wise it is on to new projects.  Enjoy.

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I have been currently working for POPSTOPTV.  A media website that focuses on pop culture and what is hot in fashion,entertainment and the web.  I will included just a few videos that I have worked on for the site.

I have edited several others and I will occasionally make new posts. If you are interested in looking at any more videos that I have edited or that others have edited for POPSTOPTV you can go to the site.


I have a lot of fun working in short form so this kind of work is perfect for me.  I hadn’t done news type editing in a long time so this is a nice change from the kind of work I had been doing before.  There is more to come in terms of posts and I will also be putting an updated reel on this blog soon.

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121st Tournament of Roses Parade with GVC

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This is the second episode of Global Volunteer Crusaders volunteer documentaries that I edited and co-produced.

This time I was able to be on the scene helping film the Rose Parade episode.  It was so much fun to do this since it was the first time I had ever been to the Rose Parade. The entire experience is awesome.  It is amazing how many people get involved to make an event like this take place.  The beauty and joy it brings to people just kept me beaming the whole time I was involved.  I am just going to let the video explain the rest.  If you ever get a chance to work on the floats or just go to the parade it is so much fun.

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Salvar a las Tortugas-Global Volunteer Crusaders

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This is the first video of the documented episodic I have been working on with my friend and creator of Global Volunteer Crusaders, Zach McCall.

This first episode started filming in March of 09 in Collola  Beach, Mexico where Zach volunteered to help the endangered Negra sea turtles.  I was not there when it was filmed and I didn’t even know Zach yet.  He found me later after he completed the filming and I was able to edit the episode.  After that we came up with the name of our show/organization and embarked on our next volunteer documentary.

The opportunity to be a part of GVC not only allowed me to have more projects to edit but it also allowed me to be a part of something that will help the environment and others.  GVC’s main purpose is to educate students to get out and give their time for a good cause.

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I am featuring my most current reel here on this blog.  I plan on updating it again soon since I have another production in post right now.  I will have more posts talking about individual videos which are some of the ones featured in my reel.

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New Editor Blog

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Hello to all those interested in video editing, are in the industry or just like watching videos.  I decided to start a video editing blog since it is my passion and I hope to become successful doing it.  I also have an interest in producing and writing which I have already started pursuing in my own productions.  I am going to feature different videos including my reel which will be updated from time to time.  I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and you can check out my resume which will also be included on this blog in the “about me” section.

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